Life Insurance Options

Term life insurance adds a very important level of protection for your spouse and children in the case something were to happen to you.  It is very affordable, and is a top priority for anyone with a spouse or children at home.  Term policies offer the highest benefit at the lowest cost, but are only guaranteed for a specific number of years.

Final expense life insurance offers a lower dollar amount.  It is ideal for those who are older and simply want guaranteed insurance for the rest of their life, which will cover the cost of final expenses and provide a little extra support for a surviving spouse.

Our online tools above are excellent self-serve resources for obtaining pricing and purchasing coverage through our partner insurance companies.  However, we are always willing and available to answer questions and provide a full service experience in matching you with the best policy (or policies) that meet your specific needs.

For instant pricing we use the Lightening Issue tool provided by Fidelity Security Life Insurance company, a highly rated company which has been issuing life insurance since 1969!

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