Benefits Champion offers all the major health insurance plans available in Oregon.  We fully understand and can help you comply with the ever-changing employer healthcare requirements while allowing you to offer excellent health plans your employees will love.
When accident, injury or illness impacts one of your team members it affects everyone.  There are additional challenges when they can’t afford the extra support needed during recovery such as child care, medical bills and transportation.  Disability benefits add a sense of security your whole staff will appreciate.  If they are ever needed, they can make the difference between minor disruption and personal tragedy.

Life insurance is one of the most affordable and often overlooked employee benefits.  We can help you protect all of your employees and their family members with an ultra-low cost initial life insurance policy.  Those who choose to are then eligible for additional coverage at a great group rate.

When minor accidents or injury occur, a supplemental policy helps your staff with additional funds for the time they need to recover and the additional expenses incurred.  Most employers offer access to a supplemental policy at the employee’s discretion, they are very affordable and popular with staff at all income levels.

About our Agency

The team at Benefits Champion has over 15 years of experience providing insurance solutions to companies and individuals in the Portland, Oregon metro area.  Our leadership have run independent agencies and also managed teams covering the entire state for some of the largest national insurance providers.  Now we are dedicated to making sure each client gets exactly what they need, and avoids common pitfalls when investing in insurance.

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