Life insurance is one of the most important protections you can provide for your loved ones.  We can help you find affordable protection to fit your specific life stage and situation.  Benefits Champion works with many different top-tier providers and can do the work to find the very best policy to fit your needs.

We offer the following types of Life Insurance

  • Term Life – Low cost / High value insurance
  • Final Expense – Lower Value insurance to cover final expenses later in life
  • Universal Life – Investment-grade cash value life insurance with long-term growth and tax benefits
Benefits Champion offers all the major health insurance plans available in Oregon.  Our online tools make it easy for you to shop and compare every available policy.  Plus, we are available directly to speak with you and answer any questions you have about the options available.

With the every changing landscape of health insurance, it is great to know that you have a local expert available to consult with when choosing your provider and plan each year.

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When minor accidents or injury occur, a supplemental policy helps you with additional income for the time you need to recover.  It helps cover your lost wages and the additional expenses incurred.  Supplemental insurance is very popular and is also very affordable. If you do not have it available through your employer, we can help you find a great policy directly at the best prices around.

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About our Agency

The team at Benefits Champion has over 15 years of experience providing insurance solutions to companies and individuals in the Portland, Oregon metro area.  Our leadership have run independent agencies and also managed teams covering the entire state for some of the largest national insurance providers.  Now we are dedicated to making sure each client gets exactly what they need, and avoids common pitfalls when investing in insurance.

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